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When you need workstations or servers CompuSys can help. 

All CompuSys workstations and servers are built using Intel® motherboards and Intel® Processors only.

In fourteen years of supplying computers we have eliminated the largest point of system failures by using only boxed name brand components.

Because all systems are built using boxed components not bulk OEM parts, most components have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years or more from the original manufacturer. The bulk OEM parts only have a warranty period of one year or less from the manufacturer.

All CompuSys computer systems are tested at 100% processor load for a period of at least 24 hours before shipping. A complete test report is shipped with each system.

Over the years we have found if you start with quality you ship quality.  For most business the cost of installing, setting up and transferring data to a new computer is much higher than the cost of the computer hardware. So why not start with a system that you will not have to replace for a number of years.

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The Intel® Server Chassis SC5400 is a reliable, scalable, and manageable chassis with the versatility to support applications ranging from multipurpose servers in small businesses to workgroup database servers and departmental exchange servers. The Server Chassis SC5400 delivers the power and thermal headroom to support the new Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor-Based Servers. The chassis also provides hot-swap drive bays and hot-swap redundant power and optional support for up to ten enterprise-class SAS or SATA drives.

The Intel® Server System SR1500AL provides flexibility and serviceability in a 1U rack-optimized solution for organizations running front-end Internet, Web-hosting and HPC applications. The Server System SR1500AL is designed for Multi-Core Intel® Xeon® processors with 667MHz, 1066MHz, or 1333MHz system bus, support for two I/O slots up to three hot swap drives and a hot swap SATA/SAS passive backplane.

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